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This this beta launch of Tournament System. This is launched by KoS team as a small initiative to not let of beloved game die. Please participate, contribute and help however you can.

Now we only support 2v2 & 3v3 Team tournaments but soon we will also support 1v1 & 4v4 etc.

Most of our tournament will be organised in our official war server, i.e,
|KoS| War Server (Antics) 1.0 Server

We invite all SWAT4 players who want to help us with the management and development of tournaments. (Every contribution is appreciated)


Player of the Month


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Name Contribution
Keyser Soze Idea,Design and Management
eLectron Support
Zaki(uS) Promotions & Support
qR|TommyHILFIGER Support & Suggestions
qR|Darkkp Stream & Commentating
SUN Support & Organization
|MyT|Serge Technical Support
Mourad Stream & Commentating

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Last Tournament

Ephemeral Tournament
Game Name SWAT4 1.1
Game Type Barricaded Suspects
Tournament Type 3v3 Team
Participants 9 / 20
Winner |PIMP|
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Tournament News

  • Awards & Info

    Except points and trophies, leader of the winner team will get Admin password for KOS public server....

  • New Tournament for SWAT 1.1

    We are glad to announce new tournament Ephmeral Tournament for SWAT4 1.1.We also plan to stream all...